Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My first blog post!

I decided to stop putting off the idea of organizing all my recipes in a website. Well, I guess I am still putting it off, but this blog is a good start!

I don't really read blogs so I hope I am doing everything right. I plan to post all the food that I make and some of the amazing food that I eat. I have been taking photos of my meals for about 6 months now, so I will be adding the older stuff randomly throughout. I figure if I add it all at once, no one will sit and read through it all. I also hope to start every sentence with the word "I", just like this paragraph.

In addition to recipes, pictures and some commentary, I am thinking of posting a weekly food plan. Since I make one each week anyways, why not post it along with the grocery list? I usually only try one or two new recipes a week, so by posting the weekly plan, you can see what staple recipes I use frequently and what we eat for breakfast and lunch.

My goal of all this is maybe you will read my blog on a regular basis...and occasionally you will see something that looks good and you will make it too! Obv. Even if you don't make exactly what I post, maybe it will give you an idea of something else to try.


  1. i LOVE food blogs. that's where i've gotten most of the recipes that i use and or put in your christmas present. i've actually thought about making a vegetarian foodblog, i even created it on tumblr, i just have never used it, haha.

    i'llll probably read your blog everyday. fo'sho'.

  2. Shanon this is absolutely fabulous!! I will definetly read your blog daily and I can't wait to try some of your recipes.