Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Apple Pie I Ever Ate!

This past New Year's Eve, Scot and I went to a Wild game in MN. Afterwards, we went to eat at Mickey's Diner and I had apple pie. And. It was AMAZING. SO AMAZING. Thinking about it right now is just a bad idea. No, it is a good idea. Seriously, though, it was the best apple pie I have ever had.

It was a crumble crust on top and I actually am usually not a fan of a crumble crust. I think it is because they are usually too sweet. I actually had a hard time sharing this with Scot. I mean, I gave him a little bite. But I regretted that.

Anyways, Mickey's Diner is awesome. If you are ever in downtown St. Paul, you should give it a try. We sat at the counter, because that is always fun.

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