Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day Dinner

We had a nice V-day dinner. We had:

Chocolate Terrine with Creme Anglaise

The dessert was ok. The terrine is like solid chocolate, or fudge. It is SO chocolatey. I would say, it is for chocolate lovers. I like to label everyone I know as a chocolate lover or not. I am not one. Scot is the ultimate chocolate lover. If you are wondering if you are a chocolate lover, then you are not. Requirements to be considered a chocolate lover:

1. loves dark chocolate, the darker the better
2. often thinks dessert without chocolate, is not dessert (this is semi-optional)
3. when getting the choice of a dessert, 99% of the time, they choose the one with chocolate
4. craves chocolate, specifically chocolate, not just something sweet. for example they will frantically search the kitchen for any chocolate they might have forgotten about. this usually happens after dinner. and usually every night.
5. when eating chocolate, they get chocolate stuck in the corners of their mouth. (ok this one is just scot)

I wish I loved dark chocolate, because I feel like all the cool people appreciate dark chocolate. I just can't fake it. I love dark chocolate in things, but by itself, I just am not so into it. I do love milk chocolate and chocolate, in general. But, given the choice, I actually usually pick something without chocolate. I love like all the spiced stuff, cinnamon. I love fruit desserts. I LOVE vanilla.

I will say though, when I was little, I did think that if I had the choice between chocolate or vanilla, I really thought I had the choice between chocolate or plain. I always thought, why would anyone ever choose plain?!?!? Same with chocolate milk at school. Weirdos.

Ok, so...the terrine, was good. It is a chocolate lovers dessert. It goes great with the custardy creme anglaise. In fact, I probably couldn't eat it without the creme anglaise because it was too overwhelmly chocolate. Scot could, though. The custard didn't get as thick as I would have liked. The whole dessert needs to be made a day in advance. Which is why I chose it. It was a lot of whipping. Like, my arms were sore the next day. I am not going to post the recipe because I am too lazy. I made both recipes from the Joy of Cooking.

Anyways, here are some pics from Scot's race.

He did great. He did that for me. Since it was Valentine's day. So nice of him! But for real, he is having a good season.

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  1. Def not a choco lover here, though I do crave it after meals. Hate, hate, hate chocolate cake unless it's really dense. Also give me milk chocolate before the dark! Trendy is not always best. How is smooth and creamy not better than hard and bitter when it comes to chocolate? I just don't get it.