Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monster Cookies - Sea Level Experiment

Guess what? My mother-in-law took me up on the monster cookie experiment! (see my original Monster Cookie post) See below for her message and the results!

Hi Shanon,

I conducted the cookie experiment this morning. Made the Monster cookies with flour & without. See the progression of pictures. It was fun! Clearly, the cookies without flour were better at our altitude. Those with flour were more crumbly & less tasty. Those without the flour were chewy & the peanut butter flavor was strong. Without flour, they were flatter, but still had a great cookie look.

Your Father-in-law & Uncle appreciate your asking for this experiment!


The judges:

Sounds like it may be the elevation!

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  1. Whooo hooo...Monster cookies by the Momster! The boys sure do look happy about the cookies.