Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Brunch Menu

The sis-in-law was in town to do some pre-wedding celebratory things. Showering. I had her and her friends over for a brunch. Kind of like a low key shower for a low key bride. Lots of good girl talk and a really easy brunch. If you want a good make ahead menu, this is it.

Scot was the only boy around. So he was our slave. He served us and also kept our water classes magically filled. What a wonderful brother/husband!

Please excuse the series of bad photos. I was hosting, you know, no time to take food photos. Even though I just told you that Scot did all the hosting, that is still my excuse.

Btw, I love brunch. I love hosting a brunch. I can't wait for Easter.

The Menu:


  1. How sweet of you to throw a brunch for your sister in law. Looks wonderful!

  2. The table looks great and the food looks amazing - I love broccoli and cheese soup.

  3. Secondary title: Food for Jamie & Friends. It was wonderful, Shan! Really the only event for the whole "bachelorette" weekend other than some mad Wii Beatle's Rockband later that night. And we all did have to keep going to the bathroom because our water glasses never emptied! You both did an awesome job and I am so thankful. I hope you didn't mind that we sat there just talking for 6 hours!!

  4. didn't mind at all! scot is still stunned that it is possible for girls to talk that long...haha. i like it.