Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan - Tacos and Pasta

I have so many taco recipes I want to try. So, that was my first goal this week. Second goal, was to try some recipes out of my Jamie Oliver cookbook (I have had it for like 6 years and never made anything from it). I always read it and look at the pictures. Just never picked a recipe to try. This week, both pastas are from his book. The chicken and noodles is a Pioneer Woman recipe. Should be a good week.

Sunday: Chile Braised Pork Tacos with Sopaipillas

Leftovers (all lunch portions, 2 cup Pyrex bowls, unless otherwise stated):

Chile Braise Tacos: Lots, probably enough meat for 12-16 tacos (leftover)
Chicken and Noodles: 4
Penne Carbonara: 1
Broccoli and Anchovy Orecchiette: 2

Printable Version of meal plan and grocery list.

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