Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Brunch

Happy Easter! Here is our Easter Brunch menu. I will post recipes later. I was really excited to do a multi-course brunch this year. There were a few minor and major disaster and one may say casualties. But, it was fun. I love saying that. That is what people always say when they do bad at something...."well, I had fun and that is all that matters." Ha. I seriously did have fun though. Until the hollandaise. Don't worry, I'll explain.

First course: Oatmeal raspberry scones and fruit smoothies.

Second course: Salmon cakes, with potato latkes and blanched asparagus ("with a hollandaise sauce")
Third Course: Monkey bread (and Monkey munch, not pictured)
The main disaster was the hollandaise sauce, which I knew was a bad idea from the beginning. I mean me making it for the first time and not knowing how to keep it until ready for use. It was fairly easy to make, but then I was working on something else and M came in and was like, "Shanon is your sauce supposed to stay smooth?" Yes. Definitely. Turns out, the eggs scrambled somehow while I was turned away. I am still unsure what happened because the heat was off. Since my peeps are so nice, they still poured the chunky hollandaise over their food and said it tasted good. I will show a picture later.

The other minor disaster was the latkes got a little dry sitting in the oven while I was trying to revive my hollandaise. But, they still tasted pretty good. I REALLY love these latkes. You have to try them.

I was a big fan of the monkey bread. And overall, I think the brunch went well. I really want to make the main dish again and see how it tastes because I think it has great potential. Scot is deathly afraid of hollandaise now because he saw what goes in it. I'm not afraid of butter. Or egg yolks. In large quantities.

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