Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lobster Night!

On my calendar for today, I have had scheduled in "Lobster, 7 pm" for kind of a really long time.

Just recently (like three days ago), I completed my last class.  Ever.  After being in school for 21 years, I am very sure that it is time.  In fact, there is nothing I have been more sure about.

I will say that after I graduated from undergrad, it wasn't so monumental for me.  Maybe because I was just going straight away to more school and classes.  Or maybe because I wasn't sick of school yet.  But, after these 4 additional years of classes, I have been so ready to not be doing homework, projects and especially studying for tests.  Every aspect of my last class has been monumental.  When I turned it my last homework, I cried a little bit.  When I sat down to take my last final, I took a picture.

I could probably continue on about how amazing it feels to be done with classes.  But really, the point is, to motivate myself to get through this semester, I decided that we were going to eat lobster when it was over.  And we did.  And it was so fun and wonderful.  Btw, last class for Scot too.  All same things apply.

I wanted to make lobster, but after telling like every single person I know that we were going to have lobster, I was strongly encouraged to just go out for dinner.  And to not try to make it myself.  So, I found this place in Denver called Cherry Crest Seafood.  I found a few recommendations for it but also they sell live lobster, so it seemed like a winner.  This restaurant reminded me of all the family owned restaurants in Omaha.  You know, the kind that serves the butter cold and you have to wait for it to warm up.  And lots of old people.  Really nice old people.  I liked everything about it.  Eating lobster can be scary and intimidating.  But this place was so comfortable.  And, when we got there, there were only 7 lobsters left!!!  By the time we left, there were none.  

Gearing up:

Finishing up:


  1. congratulationss. sooo are you graduating? or do you still have another year? i'm confused.

  2. ha! yeah, it is one gets it. Including me. But, yeah, i will probably have another year to finish up the ol' thesis.