Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okonomiyaki - Japanese Pancake

Good stuff.  I liked this recipe because it is a good way to use up some leftovers in an interesting way.  Like the other half of a cabbage.  BTW,  apparently you can cut cabbages in half and only buy half at the grocery store.  Because I have noticed the last couple of times that there are cabbage halves.  I am going to have to try that sometime.  I still need to perfect the whole technique.  I think I might prefer smaller pancakes.  This big guy was good but I wished it was a little drier and EVEN crispier.  


1 cup flour (I used whole wheat flour)
3/4 cup dashi (or water)
1 egg
1/4 of a cabbage, about 2-3 cups packed (shredded)
1 carrot, about 1/2 cup (grated)
1 small zucchini, about 1 cup (grated)
1 green onion (chopped)
3 slices bacon
okonomiyaki sauce (or Worcestershire sauce)
green onion (chopped)

Mix the flour, dashi, egg, cabbage, carrot and zucchini in a large bowl. Heat some oil in pan. Pour in mixture and top with the bacon slices. Cook on medium heat until golden brown on both sides, about 5-15 minutes per side. Top with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise and green onion and slice.

(Servings: 4, Prep time: 15 min., Cook time: 30 min., Difficulty: Easy)


  1. What a fabulous and unique recipe! I'm a vegetarian...do you think it would be okay if I omitted the bacon? This looks so yummy!

  2. oh yes! i don't think it normally has bacon on it actually. i think closet cooking added it to this recipe. but you can really throw anything in it or on it.