Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pickle, Ham and Cream Cheese Rolls

These have to be one of the easiest appetizers.  I am sure you have seen them.  Had them.  And they are one of my absolute favorite apps.  I have a thing for pickles.

My little sister and I have this weird thing in common.  Ever since she was really little, she had this amazing memory.  When she was like four, she would be like "remember that time you took your sock off and turned it inside out and then stuffed it in your shoe before ballet class?"  And I would think about it and be like "OMG, that totally did happen."  For me and my teenage friends, this was not always so great.  When little Cindy would be like, "hey Becky, remember that one time you stole those quarters from your dad to buy a Pepsi and never gave them back?"  In front of her dad.  Happened all the time.

Anyways, sometimes it was kind of creepy what she would remember.  So, I pretended like I didn't remember it too.  But I almost always did.  And I still am the same way.  I remember really useless things like what people say or wear or do.  I am sure everyone has something like this.  Like one type of thing that they always notice about people.  Maybe whether they wear a wedding ring.  Or what brand name they are wearing.  Or colors.  I don't know.

My point is, the other one thing that I have really strong memories about always, is food.  I remember most of what my mom made for us for dinner growing up.  I remember what food was served at like every wedding I have ever been to.  I always remember what I had at restaurants we have been to.  Especially within the past 5 years.  And I remember the food that I ate at high school graduation parties.  And these pickle, ham and cream cheese rolls were one of the apps I had at one particular girl's grad party.  Best idea ever.  

You just spread some cream cheese on a piece of ham.  Roll up a pickle inside.  Then slice them up.


  1. i just had an epiphany. or something like it.
    i make these all the time... but im an idiot and have been cream cheesing the pickle all this time instead of cream cheesing the meat. you know how hard / annoying that is? hahahahaa why did this never cross my mind? what a waste of my life.

  2. hahahaha. yes! soooo much harder to cream cheese the pickle. i am very excited for you!

  3. oh also. i've never had them with ham and im sure they're awesome. ive used corned beef and some other kinds of salami i think. and YUM!