Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mexican Layer Dip

I am not afraid to admit that I love a layered dip.  And this is mostly your traditional Mexican layer dip...maybe slightly more fancied up.  But as with any good food, you need give each layer the respect it deserves.  

Each layer should taste delicious on its own.  We will pretend that eating sour cream on its own isn't something we would ever do.  

If you want a healthy dip, don't make this.  And probably don't make a dip.  I suppose you could go with a hummus.  But dips aren't supposed to be healthy.  That is why you share them.  And why they are for parties only.  Or "parties".  Ya know what I mean.  ;)

So, what you have here is a layer of spiced up refried beans (I like them best slightly warm), a layer of cheddar, a layer of sour cream (obv., not fat free/low fat), a layer of guacamole (two avocados, diced tomato, red onion, cilantro and lime juice), Monterey jack cheese, black olives and topped with a homemade pico de gallo.  SOOOO yummy.  

Mexican Layer Dip

1 can Refried Beans
Tabasco Sauce, To Taste
1 can Diced Green Chilies
Ground Cumin, to taste
3/4 cups Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup Guacamole
3/4 cups Monterey Jack Cheese
1 can Black Olives
1 cup Pico De Gallo

Begin by throwing the refried beans into a small pan over medium-low heat. Add several dashes of Tabasco sauce and a small can of (undrained) diced green chilies. Stir well. Next, sprinkle a little bit of ground Cumin.

Spread the beans on the bottom of a glass bowl or high-sided dish. Over this sprinkle the sharp cheddar. Next, plop your sour cream. And spread it into a single layer, being careful not to disturb the cheese underneath.

The next layer is the guacamole. Spread it over the sour cream. Follow this with a layer of Monterey Jack Cheese and a nice sprinkling of chopped black olives.

Lastly, place a generous layer of Pico de Gallo. You can also, if you have the gumption for it, sprinkle some diced jalapenos over top.

(Servings: 8-10, Prep time: 20 min., Cook time: 0 min, Difficulty: Easy)


  1. I love your philosophy on dips...and I love how you infuse each of your posts with humor! I couldn't agree more. I adore seven layer dip, and this is making me want to throw a party tomorrow night.

  2. I agree with Monet. now all I want is seven layer dip. I love the first picture, cool focus.