Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Banana Split Pie

Even though this banana split pie isn't some family recipe of mine, it does bring back many memories for me.  I can't remember all the times I have ever had it, but I do remember one specific moment in my life when it was a part of it (my life). 

My first job when I paid taxes.  I found income tax to be rude, by the way.  And social security?  That stuff was just messed up. 

Anyways, I was 14.  I went and got a working permit because I wasn't legal yet.  I applied and interviewed for a job at brand new, not even opened yet, grocery store.  They asked me weird questions that I probably had really awkward answers for.  They hired me.  And I am pretty sure anyone else who applied.  I bagged groceries for a while.  Then they put me as "sampling girl".  Sometimes I got to cut up apple pie and put it in little dishes with little spoons, but mostly I stood next to a container of cantaloupe and opened the lid for people to toothpick a piece.  It was really boring.

I eventually started mopping the floor in produce.  I am not sure if I was moving up or down the ladder, but it worked fine.  My friend and I had overlapping shifts sometimes and we would make up dances with our mops.  I am not sure why this wasn't ever a problem.  

Finally, in my last days as a grocery store employee, I worked for a while in the prepared food section.  You know, where the fried chicken and all those random deli salads are.  I made that stuff.  Mostly I just served it, but every once in a while, I'd get to put something simple together.  And one of the things was banana split pie!  

It is just a fun (and really easy) kid pie.  It is a graham cracker crust with a layering of bananas, vanilla pudding and whipped cream.  Then it it topped with nuts, chocolate syrup and a cherry.  You can make the pudding any way you want.  Make the Jello kind or make homemade.  You can even buy a pre-made graham cracker crust.  This is probably traditionally made with Cool Whip, but I just couldn't bring myself to go there.  I even tried.  But I found out it is frozen and non-dairy and it just weirded me out too much.  As a result, this pie probably needs to be eaten the day it is made otherwise the whipped cream will die.  This is a classic for me.  Also, obviously, I made mini versions.  

Banana Split Pie

5 unsalted butter, melted
1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs (about 10 graham crackers)
2 tablespoons sugar
4 cups of vanilla pudding, chilled
2 cups of heavy whipping cream
some powdered sugar
2 bananas, sliced
chocolate syrup
handful of chopped nuts (peanuts or pecans)
some maraschino cherries

To make graham cracker crust: Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly butter pie 9- to 9 1/2-inch pie plate. Stir together all melted butter, graham cracker crumbs and sugar in a bowl and press evenly on bottom and up side of pie plate. Bake until crisp, 12 to 15 minutes, then cool on a rack to room temperature, about 45 minutes.

In cooled graham cracker crust, spread the 2 cups of chilled vanilla pudding in the bottom. Layer on the sliced bananas.

Whip cream and sweeten with powdered sugar, to taste. Fold half of the whipped cream into the remaining vanilla pudding. Spread the whipped cream/vanilla pudding mixture on top of the bananas. Top with the plain sweetened whipped cream. Drizzle on chocolate sauce, nuts and top with maraschino cherries.

(Servings: 8, Prep time: 1.5 hrs., Chill Time: 0-1 hr., Difficulty: Easy)

foodforscot Ratings:

Shanon (taste):  7/10
Scot (taste):  7/10
Effort:  2/5
Dishwashing Effort:  3/5

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