Monday, April 4, 2011

Love you

Oh, hey.  It's me.  Favor.

I entered the Whole Foods Foodie Fantasy video contest.  Good news is that we (Scot and I) made it to the Top 8 finalists.

I was wonderrrrrrrrrring....if any of you out there would like to vote for me?  Like everyday until the contest ends?  One vote per Facebook user is allowed per day.  You can vote here:

What do you get out of this?  Actually nothing.  I get a trip to Berlin/Paris if our video wins.  So it is really a win/win situation for everyone.

Ok, let me bribe you.  Here is the deal.  Go vote for me each day.  Each time you vote, either comment on my blog (this post would be easiest, but any post is fine) or comment on my video on Facebook.  Call me.  Email me.  G-chat me.  Whatever you want.  You could say things like:
"Hey, I voted for you today"
"Great vid" (I would assume this would count for one day)
"I have actually been voting everyday, so give me credit for 5."  (I would assume you might be lying but would give you the benefit of the doubt)
"Hi!"  (officially, I have to count this for one)

For each time that you vote, I will put you in a drawing to win a fantastic prize.  Most likely the prize will be a million dollars.  Other prize options include:

1.  less than a million dollars
2.  a box of homemade cookies and treats mailed right to your door

Yeah, it will be number 2.  Seriously, I will pick 5 names out of a hat of everyone who participated and send out 5 boxes of delicious treats.  The more times you vote, the more times your name goes in the hat.

The Fine Print:

1.  Only one prize per person.
2.  US deliveries only (although, if you win and live outside the US, I can send it as a gift to some lucky US dweller).
3.  Lying is technically allowed.
4.  Voting starts April 5th (now!) and ends April 15th.
5.  There won't actually be a hat.  I will probably use some random number chooser.  Maybe I'll program it myself.  Not to brag or anything.
6.  At this point, this is really a popularity contest.  So, I have to campaign like this to win.  Sorry!  Takes me back to when I ran for treasurer in 5th grade and continued to make points like "I am good at math", "I am trustworthy", and most importantly, "I will make a difference".  I don't think I won.  Never have been good at the popularity contests.  Help.
7.  Winner is announced April 18th!

Here is the video (you can also watch it on Facebook):


  1. I voted today. It was so much fun.

  2. I voted today. It was so much fun.

  3. YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON EVER! (I voted, hehe) :)

  4. I did my civic duty and Voted for the Best COOk since Julia Child!

  5. Heather HelgesonApril 5, 2011 at 5:47 AM

    Hey Shan! So excited for you...Europe will be a blast and a great graduation present! I voted today!

  6. Voted. For all the moments I've stared at the screen wishing I had that tasty food right in front of me... it was worth a click. :)

  7. voted, voted, voted !!!! I will share w/ friends.

    Total sidenote, but your husband is the voice twin to a friend of mine.

  8. hahahahah shanon you are hilar. i voted today and will set an alarm to vote for the next 10. bc if there's one raffle i wanna win, it's for your cookies. :) oh and also, because the video is clearly the best one!!

  9. I love it! So fun! I'm voting for you as soon as I finish this comment. And now that I think about it this is the first time I have commented on your blog. I check it out all the time by I would rather be a silent stalker apparently....

    ~another Kim

  10. I voted for you. I got the department email from Sharon, but I thought the video was great!

  11. Im a family friend of the Reckingers and love you all and absolutely loved this video and hope you guys win! I voted today and plan to everyday so you will win :)

  12. Voted for you and Scot to win, good luck

  13. I voted for ya, girl! I posted the video/voting link on my facebook (I should probably friend you on fb sometime soon, seeing as I love stalking your blog! :))

  14. Katie and Luke both voted again, do we get to count ours together since the cookies come to the same place?

  15. Totally voted again. I love your blog :).

  16. I voted again!!! and read many of your blog entries and am inspired to try some recipes! I know I LOVED all the food you made for Jamie's wedding! YUM!

  17. Thanks everyone for voting! So AMAZING!

  18. i've voted a million times (roughly) and i've been making my friends/coworkers/costudents/strangers vote too. sooo i really want some fresh baked cookies basically. also for you to go to europe,.

  19. I voted for you - congrats, what a great opportunity! (I wanted to vote earlier but can't get on at work, and I'm just catching up at home now!)