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I mostly post meals. Because that is what I usually make. I do bake a little for special occasions or just for fun. I generally cook dishes that are portioned for 4 or more people. It works for the two of us because we bring leftovers for lunch and eat leftovers for dinner at the end of the week. Even when a dish isn’t that great as leftovers, we will still eat it. Such champs.

There honestly isn’t an ingredient I won’t eat. As long as it is real food, I am always up for it. However, we do have some favorites that you may see a lot.

My favorites: coffee, cilantro, goat cheese, basil, cinnamon, vanilla, any Asian, tomatoes, vegetables, bacon, olives, pickles, spicy, NM green chile.

Scot’s favorites: coffee, chocolate, Mexican, corn, beans, cheese, NM green chile, peanut butter, raspberries, pasta, pizza, breakfast, potatoes, bread.

Luckily, we aren’t picky and appreciate each other’s favorites, since there isn’t much crossover! I am salty and he is sweet. He craves carbs. I don't.

And check out the tags! I try to tag recipes in a useful way. I have "my favorites", which I try to be very picky about what I include. There is "vegetarian" and also, "basically vegetarian", which means the recipe might have meat but that the meat isn't necessary. Similarly, I have a "gluten-free" tag and a "basically gluten-free" tag.  Please remember to make sure you are using gluten-free ingredients as many canned and prepared good may have hidden gluten.  Make sure to check the following or anything similar:  oats, canned beans, stock and broth, any jarred sauce, etc.  For the "basically gluten-free" recipes, it means that you can easily substitute a gluten-free flour without any problems (often the case for soups and sauces).  I have had much success with Sweet Rice Flour.  And check out the recipe index for a quick look at some of the best recipes on here.

About foodforscot Ratings*:

-Shanon's Taste Rating - how much I like it!
-Scot's Taste Rating - how much Scot likes it!
-Effort Rating - how much work went into preparing this meal.
-Dishwashing Effort Rating - how much work went into cleaning up after this meal.

Here is the breakdown:

Taste Rating
1-inedible (obviously would never post such a thing)
3-forgettable (obviously would never post such a thing)
5-a solid meal
7-yum! will definitely make/eat this again
9-near perfection
10-can't imagine anything better

Effort Rating
1-so easy!
3-some down time, could multitask other duties as I cooked
5-Mad crazy woman in the kitchen during this meal

Dishwashing Effort Rating
1-Shanon cleaned up mostly everything before we ate dinner
3-decent amount of cleanup
5-Scot had quite disaster to deal with, had to whip out the drying towels

*Earlier recipes are not rated. 

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