for Breakfast/Brunch:

Luciles - $$, A
-Favorites:  beignets!
-Details:  Breakfast/lunch Creole restaurant situated in a cute house.  Community seating.  Very long wait on the weekends (easily an hour).  Get one of the cajun specialities.

Brasserie Ten Ten - $$$, A-
-Favorites:  beignets (guess I am into those)
-Details:  Great restaurant overall.  The brunch is more of a brunch and lunch menu rather than breakfast.  I did get the Steak Frites and wasn't totally happy with it.  But everything else I have tried was amazing.

Chautauqua Dining Hall - $$, A-
-Details:  An adorable restaurant in an old house that sits snug up against the Flatirons in Chautauqua Park.  Sit outside on the deck, it is a wonderful spot!  The food is also delicious.  Pretty traditional breakfast food, but all carefully prepared.  I have never been for lunch or dinner, but have been there for breakfast many times.  They also have a Sunday brunch, which I have never tried.

Walnut Cafe - $$, B+
-Details - I have been to both the Walnut Cafe and the South Side Walnut Cafe several times.  Always enjoyed it.  They don't have a lot of dishes with meat, especially your typical breakfast pork (something Scot struggles with).  Lots of healthy, vegetarian, Boulder-y food.  Coffee is usually regrettable.  Dogs are allowed on the patio.  

-Favorites:  Cran-Granola and Green Chile Bagels
-Details:  We go here most out of an bagel place in Boulder.  I am always happy with what I get and consider it of equal quality to Panera or Einstein's (the only other two good places in Boulder).  They never change their selection, which is kind of rough for me. 

Foolish Craig's - $$, B
-Details:  A fun restaurant downtown.  Also usually very busy on weekends.  They allow dogs on the patio!  Coffee is pretty mediocre and the menu is pretty vegetarian.  Tasty stuff, but pretty typical Boulder healthy food for breakfast.  Lots of crepes, but I tried the crepes and wasn't impressed.  It seems that there dinner menu is on a whole new level from the breakfast.  Oh yeah, really bad breakfast potatoes.  Hate that.

Jill's Restaurant - $$$, B-
-Details:  Really not impressed for the price.  I got ricotta pancakes and they were kind of mushy and uncooked.  In my opinion, they were trying to hard to be fancy, instead of trying to make good food.  And the whole place was pretty much empty.  It is connected to a hotel downtown.  Probably wouldn't try it again, just because it was expensive.

Egg and I - $$, B-
-Details:  Breakfast/lunch chain restaurant.  Usually filled with CU students.  Hardly ever a wait.

-Details:  Pretty good pancakes and crepes.  I HATE the church pews that are in place of all the booths.  They are so uncomfortable.  Huge restaurant, lots of seating.  Usually not much of a wait on the weekends.  

-Favorites:  loved the Corned Beef Hash
-Details:  Another popular place for CU students.  Usually very hung over.  They have 99 cent mimosas and Bloody Marys for purchase with entree.  Never had one.  The food is good.  The potatoes are not.  

Le Peep - $$, C+
-Favorites:  Quesadilla and Eggs (the only thing I order)
-Details:  Breakfast/lunch chain restaurant.  Can be quite hit or miss.  They allow dogs on the patio!  They even bring them water.  Hardly ever a wait.

Dot's Diner - $, C-
-Details:  Wasn't bad, but very basic and cheap food.  Go there for eggs and toast.  Or make it yourself...

Eggcredible Cafe - $$, D-
-Details:  Really really bad.  I  have only been once and it was so bad I will never go back.  I got this greek scramble and it looked like brown eggs with who knows what in them.  I do have friends that seem to like this place, but I would never recommend it to anyone.

for Coffee:

Trident - $, A-
-Details:  This place is a little frustrating because they have the potential to be so good and I have had some GREAT cappuccinos here, but as with every other place in Boulder, very inconsistent depending on the barista.  It is busy and attached to a bookstore.  I love the old bookstore, vintage vibe.  But watch out!  The baristas (possibly the owner) are/is extremely crabby and rude.  Gotta have thick skin.

Laughing Goat - $, A-
-Details:  Although I have been here many times, I have often ordered something kind of strange like cold pressed coffee or warm apple cider.  However, when I have ordered a latte, it tasted pretty dang good.  Cappuccino did not pass my test, but was enjoyable.  Too high of milk/espresso ratio.  So the burnt espresso isn't has harmful.

Atlas Purveyors - $, B+
-Details:  They have some really interesting tea drinks.  And tons of tea options.  The size of their cappuccino is perfect (and served in a super cute vintage cup).  However, like many times in Boulder, the espresso tasted burnt.  The milk can be perfectly frothed, but if the espresso isn't that sweet, smooth!

Amante - $, B+
-Details:  Unfortunately this place is hit or miss when it comes to coffee.  I have had some good baristas here, but nothing that knocked my socks off.  The one up North is kind of fun, lots of outdoor seating (and bikers!) and they always play soccer games inside on the TVs.

Vics Espresso - $, B+
-Details:  I actually prefer the North Boulder location to the South Boulder one.  It must be that the South Boulder location has a drive thru.  No, that isn't really it.  I think the baristas in North are better.

for Lunch or Quick Dinner:

Pica's Mexican Taqueria - $$, A
-Details:  I was so excited when Pica's opened.  It is excellent!  You order at the front and they bring your food to you.  They have amazing tacos (I have tried several: fish, shrimp, hanger steak, pork belly, etc.)  Even the black beans taste delicious!  Not a huge fan of their chips, but I can get over that.  :)  Menu changes daily!

Comida - $, A
-Details:  Boulder's first food truck (I think)!  I loved every second of everything I have had.  The people were so wonderful too.  They are mostly a taco truck but do sell a few other things.  The short ribs tacos were amazing!  Menu changes often.

Larkburger - $,  A
-Favorite:  Larkburger or Turkey burger with truffle and parmesan fries
-Details:  A gourmet burger place with convenient parking.  They have a simple menu with a few basic, but wonderful burgers, skinny fries and some drinks.  I have had all the burgers and they are all delicious.  They are small, 1/3rd of a pound, which is perfect to me.

Smashburger - $, A
-Favorite:  Classic smashburger
-Details:  A chain, but one I find that not everyone is familiar with.  The one in Boulder is new and near 29th street mall.  I like smashburgers!  They are smashed...they kind of press them while they are cooking so they are very flat.  I like that they offer a third of a pound and also they have good fries!  I tried the fried pickles once and they were so salt that I couldn't eat them.  And I love salt.

Snarf's - $, A-
-Details:  Snarf's is a local sandwich shop chain.  They have great sandwiches and often win best sandwich shop in Boulder.  There toasted subs are topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, hot peppers, mustard, mayo, seasonings and oil.  Ya know, much like the Potbelly sandwich chain.

Jimmy and Drew's Deli - $, B+
-Details:  A Jewish deli!  My favorite kind.  Come here for some pastrami, corned beef, Reubens, pickles, cole slaw, etc.  They are well known for their Reuben that is sandwiched between to potato latkes.  I think that is fine...but I am a sandwich girl.  The North Boulder location is kind of strange, in the same strip mall as the three (rare) ethnic grocers (Asian Market, Mexican Bakery and Indian Grocer).  Really random.  Sometimes when you drive by, there is a guy in a pickle costume trying to get you to come in.  I love a good deli and so far my experience here has been great.

Abo's Pizza - $$, B+
-Details - Boulder doesn't have any ground-breaking pizza joints in town.  Abo's is a New York Style pizza and is pretty good.  We have it often and I like it for simple pepperoni pizza craving.  I like their crust!

Beau Jo's Pizza - $$, B+
-Details:  A Colorado chain pizza place.  They call them mountain pies (the thick crust, kind of deep dish) and they also have a thinner crust.  Nice combos.  Tastes pretty good.

Half Fast Subs - $, B+
-Details:  Located on the hill, this is a sandwich place that has literally 400 million different sandwich options.  The location is fun and outdoor patio is nice.  The sandwiches are very good too.  Nothing too crazy.

Deli Zone - $, B+
-Details - Several locations in Boulder.  They have a nice selection of interesting (hot grilled) sandwiches.  They also have good bread.

Mad Greens - $, B+
-Details:  Hand tossed salads.  Good combos.  Located near 29th street mall.

Modmarket - $$, B
-Details - Pizza, salads, sandwiches and soups, located near 29th street mall.  I enjoyed the green chile and chicken soup that I had, but thought the pizzas tasted a little "healthy".  Still was a pleasant meal.  Hand tossed salads.

Black Pepper Pho - $, B-
-Details:  Ok place for pho considering the convenience.  They also have some good Boba tea (very sweet).  I didn't like the Banh Mi.

for Dinner:

Flagstaff House - $$$$$, A+
-Favorite:  Everything!
-Details:  This is the most perfect special occasion place for dinner.  It is located on top of Flagstaff mountain (ever see the Christmas star up in the mountains during the holidays in Boulder?  that is Flagstaff!)  It has a beautiful view.  The food is perfect.  They bring you tastings from the chef throughout your meal.  Palate cleansers.  It is amazing!

Pizzeria Locale - $$ or $$$, A+
-Favorite:  best Margherita pizza, Mais (tried my friend's, delicious!)
-Details:  I think the true test for good pizza is to try the Margherita.  So simple.  But can be SO perfect.  And Pizzeria Locale passed with flying colors.  The tomatoes were delicious and flavorful.  It had the perfect amount of fresh mozzarella (not too much).  And finally, the crust was amazing.  I have read lots of reviews on Pizzeria Locale.  People complain about the soggy middle and how they don't cut the pizza for you.  This is a Neapolitan, thin, thin crust pizza.  It is exactly the way it should be, in my opinion.  You eat the middle with a knife and fork, pick the crust up with your hands.  I also tried some of the Mais pizza, which is sweet corn-creme fraiche, prosciutto cotto, and buffalo mozzarella.  Really delicious.  Best pizza in Boulder.  By a long shot.

Laudisio - $$$, A
-Details:  An excellent Italian restaurant near 29th street mall.  We enjoyed everything we had.  The wild mushroom gnocchi was especially good.  My flan was too die for.

Salt - $$$$, A
-Details:  We actually ate here once for lunch, but it was a great place down on Pearl street mall.  After seating you, they give you some salts to try.  I would love to go back and know it is a very popular place to eat in Boulder.

The Kitchen - $$$$, A
-Details:  Also downtown Boulder, The Kitchen is another local favorite.  I have unfortunately only been there once and for lunch, but have been meaning to go back.  Everyone our table had was delicious.  Scot's lamb burger was a little lacking but still tasted good and cooked well.  The fries and ketchup are amazing.  Possibly perfect.  Love the decor and setting.

Jax Fish House - $$$$, A
-Details:  We went when Hosea Rosenburg (Top Chef) was still head chef, so can't say how it is now.  The food was amazing and the staff was great.  Hosea even came out to meet us (well, we were meeting him, I suppose).  I would love to go back.

Bacaro Venetian Taverna - $$$, A-
-Details:  Italian food and small plates.  Even the pasta portions are very small, which I think is perfect.  Yummy flatbreads.  Awesome happy hour deals.

Mateo - $$$$, A-
-Details:  A quaint little restaurant near downtown.  Good food, dessert was lacking and too big.

Westend Tavern - $$$, B+
-Details:  I have had some GREAT food here and some just fine food.  Although, the menu is fun and changes often.  I like the rooftop seating and cozy setting.  It is located downtown and there are some fun views up on the rooftop.

The Med - $$$, B+
-Details:  Although it is called The Mediterranean, they serve a lot of Italian and French also.  It is located downtown and is always crazy busy.  People are always raving about The Med and I have never been overly impressed.  I like the outdoorish area with heats.  And it is a nice place.  The food is good.

Proto's Pizza - $$, B+
-Details:  A chain pizza joint that is located in North Boulder (weird location but might be growing).  I like this style of pizza and the crust is great.  I think it has been kind of hit or miss for me with the different pies I have tried.  But still pretty good.

The Walnut Brewery - $$, B+
-Details:  A brewpub downtown with good food and lots of room.

Chez Thuy - $$, B+
-Favorite:  Pho (beef)
-Details:  The best asian place I have been to in Boulder (it is mostly Vietnamese).  I like their pho.  We go here a lot and I always enjoy it.

Efrains - $$, B+
-Details:  Efrains is known as the most authentic Mexican restaurant in Boulder.  It is in the strangest location, out on the eastern edge of Boulder.  It is pretty good Mexican.  The restaurant is small and there is almost always a wait for dinner.  I enjoyed it the few times we have been, but thought it was a little hyped up for what I experienced.

BJ's Pizza, $$, B+
-Favorites:  BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad
-Details:  Deep dish pizza, located on the walking mall, downtown Pearl street.  Good pizza!

Reuben's Burger Bistro, $$, B+
-Details:  A burger joint downtown with an interesting menu of beef burger options and bicycle friendly (and themed!).  I don't know if I was hungry or the menu was just that intriguing but I wanted to try half of the burgers on the menu and could not decide on what to order.  I liked everything we had, but am not a fan of the half pound burger.  It is just too ridiculously big.  They are served on pretzel buns, which hold up nicely and tasted great.  The fries were disappointing...greasy with no crispy texture.  I would give them another chance though.

The Rio - $$, B-
-Details:  A Mexican restaurant downtown.  It is ok.  I wasn't that impressed any of the times I have eaten there.  However, the food is good, just nothing special.  Kind of typical and not that exciting.  Sadly, I have a hard time finding something on the menu that I even want!  I have heard they have a good happy hour.  And the restaurant and bar are both HUGE.

Zolo Grill - $$$, B-
-Details:  Another Mexican restaurant (slightly fancier and more inspired) but not located downtown so parking is easy.  I wasn't impressed for the price.  However, everything tasted just fine.  And I generally enjoyed everything.

Carelli's - $$$, D
-Details:  This place pretends to be this fancy Italian restaurant and it is anything but.  I was so disappointed with everything I tried.  And so put off by the attitude of the place.

for Dessert/Ice Cream:

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream - $, A
-Favorites:  Coffee Caramel Crunch Ice Cream, Any Gelato, Cinnamon Ice Cream, Good Sorbets
-Details:  We love Glacier.  We used to get their pints a lot (3 for $10).  Have tons of flavors and the employees have always been very nice.  The owner was especially nice to work with when I ordered a large order of ice cream for our wedding.

Boulder Chill - $, A-
-Details:  A soft serve frozen yogurt place.  Not like the fancy yogurt places with all the crazy toppings like mochi and pomegranate seeds.  This place is more like Dairy Queen, except they have about 8-10 different flavors of ice cream, all pretty interesting.  It is served in a styrofoam cup and you can pick multiple flavors and toppings to get layered in.  They have all the typical toppings like oreo crumbs, graham cracker crumbs (always stale), gummy bears, chocolate chips, butterfingers, sprinkles, etc.  Beware because some of the yogurt is sugar-free.

Tee and Cakes - $, A-
-Favorites:  The Salted Caramel Cupcake is TOO DIE FOR
-Details:  Ok, I really like salted caramel.  And to be honest, I stole that line from lady in front of me, who said those exact words.  And she is right.  My favorite part about Tee and Cakes is that they sell mini cupcakes.  And so I always get two minis so I can try more flavors.  I have the Cola, Strawberry, Chocolate/Bacon, and a few others I can't remember.  They are all really good.  A friend once ordered one of their lemon bars and was very disappointed.  Stick to the cupcakes.

Boulder Baked - $, B
-Details:  I think Boulder Baked is an interesting concept.  They sell made to order cookies.  You can get any variety and amount you want (they are about $1 each).  So, if you go in, you wait about 10 minutes for the cookies to be baked.  They arrive hot and delicious.  These cookies are not good (they get pretty hard) after they cool so you only want to get what you would eat right away.  Most importantly, they will deliver the hot cookies to your door (minimum order of around $30, I think).   They have a million varieties and everything I had was good.  They also sell cupcakes and a few other things...I was not impressed with the cupcake I had.


for breakfast:

Snooze - $, A
-Details:  The service is great.  Sit at the bar!  It isn't that awkward, too-close-for-comfort experience.  It is really fun.  The food was delicious.  I did a salmon benny.  I love a benedict.  Great hash.  I hate it when a breakfast place has bad breakfast potatoes.  All and all, I loved this place and can't wait to have an excuse to go back.

Waffle Bros - $, B+
-Favorites:  Original Waffle with powdered sugar, cinnamon and whipped cream
-Details:  The original waffle is their specialty.  It is a sweet, dense, thick waffle.  The batter has nib sugar in it.  Some of the nib sugar melts into the waffle when cooked, while some of it stays whole and provides a little crunch when you bite in.  These waffles are already plenty sweet, no need for syrup.  I really liked the simple cinnamon toppings, but the options are endless from fruit to nutella, to savory egg, cheese and bacon.  The savory one is an interesting contrast to the sweet waffle.  They also serve traditional waffles, which are best eaten with butter and syrup.  I do love the vibe and it is a very comfortable restaurant to eat in.  No fuss.


for breakfast:

Bagel Bin - $, A
-Favorites:  Super Onion, toasted with cream cheese (why is super onion so hard to find?)
-Details:  Bagel Bin burnt to the ground in January of 2010.  This family owned, kosher bakery had always been very popular with the locals.  The rebuilt in only 11 months and are now back open for business and kept everything the same (and just as great).  They have an excellent selection of NY style bagels and the employees are always wonderful.  There bagels are cheaper than the chain bagel places and they toast them and slather them with love.  Also, randomly, their cake doughnuts are pretty dang good.

Petrow's - $, A
-Favorites:  Reuben (lunch), Cinnamon Milkshake (all the time),
-Details:  Petrow's is a family operated diner in the weirdest location ever (60th and Center).  Old school to the max.  I may or may not have waited tables there in my lifetime.  They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They have all the classics like open faced sandwiches, weird casserole things, CFS, home fries, etc.  They also have a soda fountain!  They actually have a soda fountain boy/girl working behind the counter during lunch and dinner.  You can order all the favorites like ice cream sodas, floats, freezes, shakes, banana splits, etc.  They make all their own ice cream.  They also have a huge selection of pies.  It is where I learned that to properly cut a pie, it needs to be cut into 7 pieces.  How inconvenient?

Farmhouse - $$, A
-Details:  A great place for breakfast in Omaha.  Very dependable.  They also have an excellent bakery with all sorts of delicious treats.

for Lunch/Dinner:

La Casa Pizza - $$, A+
-Favorites:  hamburger pizza (Omaha always puts ground beef on pizza) , fried ravioli and pepperoni pizza
-Details:  A family owned Sicilian restaurant since forever.  There is the location nearish downtown on Leavenworth and 45th, which was the original.  Then, they opened up a take-out only place near 84th and Grover (which is not ONLY take out, but has some casual servers).  The classic pizza to get is a Napoletana, which is thinner crust, rectangular.  The sauce is great and they are most known for the Romano cheese option (the only way to go, or better get both Mozzarella and Romano).  We always get a hamburger and mushroom pizza and then a pepperoni and black olive pizza with Mozarella and Romano.  Ridiculously good.  Some people don't "get" it.  They are dumb.  Ignore them.

Zio's - $, A+
-Favorite:  One slice of chicken and pesto with a side of Ranch for dipping (don't judge, you know you want it too)
-Details:  Zio's is an Omaha classic.  It is cheap, casual and really great pizza.  There are three locations throughout Omaha and all of them are in new buildings (different from the original).  They all used to be in old, hole-in-the-wall, semi-dirty facilities.  The newer, clear and more convenient locays are nice, but definitely don't have the same feel that Zio's used to have.  I go here just about every time I go back to Omaha.

Jam's - $$$, A+
-Favorite:  Fried Coconut Chicken Salad
-Details:  Another one of my favorite places to go in Omaha.  This is a small restaurant with a seasonal menu located (kind of oddly) in a strip mall near 78th and Dodge.  I love their Fried Coconut Chicken Salad so much that I recreated it at home here.

Dundee Dell - $$, A
-Details:  I have only had the famous Fish n' Chips.  It is served in a brown bag with malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce.  Very fun.

-Details:  One of our family's favorite places to eat.  Very good greek food.  Total hole in the wall place.  The restaurant looks run down, but is always packed!  Have always really enjoyed anything I have ordered from there.  

Johnny Sortino's - $, A-
-Favorites:  Hamburger Double Crust Pizza, Onion Rings
-Details:  The biggest restaurant you will ever see in your life.  I have been to so many parties and family gatherings here.  We also would eat there with just our immediate family.  Very often.  They have a game room, so it is a good family place. They also have big screen TVs everywhere, which are always playing various games.  You order at the front, and they call your name when your pizzas are ready.  They used to hand out fun size snickers as you walked out the door.  As a kid, it was the best thing ever.  Now, it is just funny.  

Omaha Steak Houses - $$-$$$, B+
-Options:  Gorats,  Cascio's, Johnny's Cafe, etc
-Details:  Omaha steakhouses are SO weird.  Jk.  You kind of have to experience one if you go to Omaha.  Many of them are Italian and the meals are just crazy.  You order a steak (pick your favorite cut), then you get to have a salad, a potato side, and a side of pasta.  Seriously!  Isn't that weird?  I never knew how weird it was until after I left Omaha for a while and thought about it.  Oh yeah, and it always starts off with the Italian sandwich bread and cold butter.  A lot of these traditional steakhouses have closed down over the years.  We used to go to them all the time growing up.  They make me feel good.  They also make me feel confused.  Warning:  not fancy, popular but so big there is NEVER a wait.

El Alamo - $, B+
-Favorites:  Excellent Salsa
-Details:  When I used to work in South Omaha, my dad and I would often meet here for lunch.  My dad LOVES this place.  It is pretty authentic for Omaha.  It is a total hole-in-the-wall.  My dad likes to park in the back and go through the back entrance (walking by the kitchen, dishwashers, pretty dirty hallway).  It has never been clear to me whether or not the employees support this.  Anyways, good, spicy food!

for Dessert/Ice Cream:  

Ted and Wally's - $, A
-Details:  By far the best and most famous ice cream in Omaha.  When you walk in, you will pass out from the smell of homemade waffle cone making.  I have also heard that they actually make their ice cream using salt ice cream makers.  Not sure if that is still true.  Located downtown.  Good stuff.


for breakfast:

Key's - $, B+
-Details:  A local chain and family owned.  It is your basic diner food.  Everything is made well, but I still haven't had anything to write home to mom about.  The locations closer to the cities are better.  Scot gets this huge (everything) omelette that is something you would only be able to order in the Midwest.  He finishes it and they are always impressed.  It actually has tons of veggies in it, but still a ridiculous amount of food.

for Lunch/Dinner:

Davanni's Pizza - $, A
-Favorites:  Toasted Hoagies, Veggie Pizza on Traditional Crust
-Details:  Another local chain.  Davanni's has excellent pizza.  Thin, Traditional and Deep Dish crust.  Go with Traditional.  I also am a big fan of their toasted hoagies, which are made with as much care and detail as their pizzas.

Chino Latino - $$$, A-
-Details:  In the hippest part of the Twin Cities, Uptown, Chino Latino is a place that will make you feel so cool.  Go with a big group because the idea is to order lots of small and large plates of "appetizer" type food and share.  Everything is interesting and good.  A fusion of asian and latin food...hence the name Chino Latino.

for Dessert/Ice Cream:

Izzy's - $, A+
-Details:  Genius!  Izzy's ice cream shop had the best idea ever.  Every time you order your ice cream (whatever size), you get an "Izzy scoop", which is a tiny scoop of ice cream on top that allows you to try a new flavor.  They have tons of flavors.  It is always packed.  Great ice cream.  Once I tried the balsamic strawberry flavor as my Izzy.  Good thing it was only an Izzy.  I am glad I was able to try it though!

Grand Ole Creamery - $, A-
-Details:  Another great ice cream shop in St. Paul.  I like Izzy's better, but Grand Ole Creamery also has great ice cream.

Cafe Latte - $$, A-
-Details:  This is a really fun place to have a casual dinner, lunch or dessert.  They have a ridiculous array of desserts to choose from.  Cakes, pies, cheesecakes, etc.  They also have an upscale cafeteria style selection of food (soups, salads, sandwiches, etc.)

New York City, NY

for Dinner:

Grimaldi's - $$, A+
-Details:  There is nothing better int his world.  Best pizza I have ever had.  Super packed, always a long, long wait.  Well worth it.  The pizza is has a thin, crispy crust with fresh mozzarella.  More details here.

Green New Bo - $$, A
-Favorites:  Soup Dumplings (Xiaolongbao)
-Details:  Located in Chinatown, this is the ugliest restaurant you will ever see.  More details here.

Caracas Arepa Bar - $$, A
-Details:  A delicious, casual Venezuelan place with arepas and empanadas.  I loved this pace.  It is very busy and the one we went to was pretty small with limited seating.  More details here.

Mesa Grill - $$$, A-
-Details:  Bobby Flay's restaurant.  Everything was delicious, as expected.  More details here.

for Coffee:

Stumptown - $, A+
-Details:  Although we tried the many recommended local NYC coffee chains, none came remotely close to this amazing coffee shop.  Best cup of coffee I have had in America.  The sweet espresso and wonderful baristas made me believe that America still has hope when it comes to coffee.  More details here.

for Dessert/Ice Cream:

Doughnut Plant - $, A+
-Favorites:  Tres Leches Cake Doughnut
-Details:  I am very lucky that I don't live near this pace.  More details here.

Momofuku Milk Bar - $, A
-Favorites:  Crack Pie
-Details:  A "bakery" with crazy, off the wall pastries.  They have delicious cookies and weird soft serve ice cream (like creamed corn, BBQ and cereal milk).  Definitely a fun experience.  The crack pie will change your life.  More details here.

Magnolia Bakery - $, B+
-Details:  A little overrated in my opinion.  I had a cupcake and it was pretty good, but nothing special.  They only sold the most basic flavors, so I didn't try anything new or different.  More details here.

Boston, MA

for Dinner:

Terramia Ristorante - $$$, A
-Favorites:  Homemade Spaghetti
-Details:  This is an adorable 40-seat Italian restaurant in Boston's Northend.  We loved the entire experience here.  The food was amazing.  The server was wonderful.  I need that spaghetti again.  More details here.

for Dessert/Ice Cream:

Flour - $, A+
-Favorites:  Sticky Buns, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
-Details:  This is a little casual bakery.  They have all sort of pastries, but the sticky buns were so good I don't even care what else they have.  More info here.

Toscanni's  - $, A+
-Details:  Another great ice cream place!  I love there mini size.  Lots of interesting flavors like burnt caramel, Vietnamese coffee, Hydrox (the original Oreo or something?)

Mike's Pastry - $, A
-Details:  This place is so famous.  I was told to try a cannoli.  And you know, it was great, but I don't think I am all crazy about cannolis.  It is located in the Northend and there are a few other bakeries like Mike's.  It is something you have to do...wait in line for 30 minutes for a cannoli.  :)


for dinner:

La Creperie - $$, A-
-Details:  A cute little french cafe/bistro in Long Beach.  I ate a three recommended restaurants on this main street strip and this was by far the best.  The other two I wouldn't really recommend but were fine (Taco Shack and Open Sesame).  

Louie Bottega - $$$, A-
-Details:  I only ate their Thanksgiving meal, so I can't say I know a lot about the chef's food.  The meal was really nice.  The only disappointing part was dessert (apple pie and pumpkin pie).  They said their pastry chef is famous but I guess they aren't used to making pies.  :)  Took home some macarons, which were amazing!

In and Out Burger - $, A-
-Details:  Need to try Animal-Style.  I forgot on my one and only chance!  I appreciate the simplicity and homemade taste of this fast food joint.  The only fast food I would ever eat.  


Au Bon Pain
Jamba Juice
Jason's Deli - Only had the salad bar.
Jimmy John's
Island's Fine Burgers and Drinks
Panera Bread
Ruby Tuesdays - I love their salad is actually the only thing I have ever had there...
Starbucks - I will always support local coffee shops first...but only if they are good.  Starbucks has good coffee and knows how to brew it properly!  Sorry!
Subway - on the road or in a crunch, I do Subway and don't hate it.  


Applebees - the worst restaurant in America and in the world.  
Burger King
Little Caesar's - especially their "Hot n' Ready" or whatever
Long John Silvers
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Old Country Buffet
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell - the world will be a better place when Taco Bell goes away
White Castle

$ - less than $10
$$ - $10-15
$$$ - $15-25
$$$$ - $25-35
$$$$$ - $35 +

A+: my favorite!
A: very impressive.
A-:  delicious, but maybe not everything.
B+:  good
B:  has more positives than negatives.
B-:  better than decent.
C+:  decent.  possibly worth it for the price.
C-: Forgettable.
D+:  Want to forget it.
D: Eatable.
D-:  Can't believe they are still open.
F:  Seriously.  Disgusting.